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English Composition at UNLV


Initial Course Placement

Initial placement in English Composition courses is determined by a student's test scores as follows:

ACT English Score SAT Critical Reading Score Placement
1‒17 200‒490 ENG 101E Composition I Extended 1
18‒29 500‒670 ENG 101 Composition I
30‒36 680‒800 ENG 102 Composition II

Students who score sufficiently well on the ACT or SAT to waive ENG 101 need take only ENG 102.

ACT Residual Test Option

Students who have not taken the ACT or the SAT, or who wish to try to improve their score, can take the ACT English Residual Exam on scheduled dates each semester for placement in UNLV English Composition courses. The exam is available through UNLV Educational Outreach.

Additional Placement Options

Advanced Placement: Students may use scores from the Composition/Literature test or the Language/Composition test for placements. Students with AP scores of 3 place into ENG 101. Students with AP scores of 4-5 place into ENG 102.

Placement Portfolios: Students who feel that standardized test scores do not accurately reflect their writing ability may demonstrate their preparation for ENG 101 by submitting a portfolio which contains:

  • A cover letter that identifies the class in which each portfolio essay was originally written, the assignment that was given, and the skills that each essay demonstrates.
  • Two revised essays of at least 500 words each that are clearly focused around a central idea, developed with specific supporting details, organized to provide a logical flow of ideas, and edited to observe the conventions of standard written English.
  • A timed essay that responds to one of two short contemporary articles provided the day of the test.

A $20 fee is charged to cover the cost of proctors for the timed writing and readers who evaluate the portfolios. See the registration form for more information. Results are sent by Rebelmail within a week after portfolio is submitted.

First Day Diagnostics: Students will complete a diagnostic essay the first day of class in both ENG 101 and ENG 101E. Students whose writing demonstrates weaknesses in basic language skills will be advised to switch to a class offered by the English Language Center or sign up for workshops and tutoring offered by the Writing Center.

Testing for Non-native Speakers: The English Language Center provides testing for non-native speakers to determine their placement into ENG 113 or 113E, equivalent courses to ENG 101 and 101E. Call 895-4311 for more information.

Course Descriptions for Composition Courses