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English Composition at UNLV

All students intending to earn a degree from UNLV must satisfy the composition requirement of English 101 and English 102. ENG 101 and ENG 102 (or ENG 113 and ENG 114 for international students) are prerequisites for all English courses except creative writing courses.

English Composition should be completed during the freshman year, but no later than the end of the sophomore year. This requirement is based on the belief that the ability to read difficult texts, to analyze those texts, and to respond in well-written essays is essential for success in college. The principles of good research also contribute to this success. English 101 and 102 are designed to provide the basics of these skills, which will continue to develop throughout the student's undergraduate career.


The UNLV Composition Program office is located in the Flora Dungan Humanities building (FDH), Room 610. Call (702) 895-3165 for information.

English Composition Course Placement

Main section: Placement for English Composition

Initial placement in English Composition courses is determined by a student's test scores as follows:

ACT English Score SAT Critical Reading Score Placement
1‒17 200‒490 ENG 101E Composition I Extended 1
18‒29 500‒670 ENG 101 Composition I
30‒36 680‒800 ENG 102 Composition II

Students who score sufficiently well on the ACT or SAT to waive ENG 101 need take only ENG 102.

Students who have not taken the ACT or the SAT, or who wish to try to improve their score, can take the ACT English Residual Exam through the Academic Success Center. [Read more...]

Additional Assessment Options

Students may also be placed using any of the following means of alternative credit: